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Hello again,

Kathie, I feel I am hanging out here waayyy too much too - but there are worse things we could be doing...right!? lol I am absolutely bent on losing this weight, and getting healthy!! I am not tired of seeing anyone here, I am thankful there are others out there like me and these forums are so active! Way to go getting on the treadmill. I find that the biggest hurdle is just getting on it. Once I am on, and even if I plan to do only 10 minutes, I usually end up doing more. But even if you do just do 10 minutes, any amount of time exercising is better than nothing, right? Oh, I have tried green tea, can't stand it. I have tried various brands and I just don't like it. Getting in lots of water in today though.

Jennifer, I agree with Kathie, excellent to do your 'cheat meal' as a lunch, I will have to remember that. Good idea to have a big salad too. Also very good to plan to balance out the pizza with the rest of your meals for the day, that is awesome. And remember that in moderation, all foods are OK!

Diane, Way to go planning ahead for snacking! It is a must for me. I could have planned better last night. Oh well, there is always next time! Archery sounds like fun, and yes, very good for the arms too. Have a fun night with your friends!

Hang in there everyone. We can do this, we are getting healthy!
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