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I agree that everyone needs to find what works for them, because everyone is different. But the majority of people run into the same problems, and that's what I'm addressing.

Yeah, exercise is important and great for overall health, but I'm talking about exercise for weight loss. People tend to stress exercise for weight loss with the idea of "burning calories." So they bust their butts at the gym, "burn" a few hundred calories (jogging for 30 minutes, if possible, will only burn around 300 calories) then compensate for those calories post workout because they're either hungry, or they feel they deserve it. Or they just go hungry, but because of the foods they're eating their time in the gym was wasted. Stressing exercise for weight loss over diet is a mistake because it tends to burn people out and no matter how much you exercise (amount humanly possible, not hypothetical), if you're eating the wrong foods you won't lose any weight. That's why I always suggest people focus on what foods they're eating, and focus less on the amount of food and the level of exercise.

There are two "problems" I've noticed people run into with eating low-carb (however you define it). First, most people in the U.S. think that eating fat is bad and causes weight gain or heart health problems (which is horribly false). So someone will decide to eat "low-carb" to drop weight but what they're really doing is eating "low carb/low-fat." That's a mistake, and it often confuses people into thinking the low-carb aspect is the problem, and it's too difficult. The other problem is people can't stick it out for the first 1-2 weeks while their bodies adjust to using stored and dietary fat for energy (ketisos) rather than the quick energy spikes we get from carbohydrates. So they quit early and decide it's just not for them.

I'm going with most people here. As I said, everyone is different so I'm not suggesting these cases apply to you. My main point was that people should alter the types of foods they eat, rather than focusing on "burning" calories via exercise, or partially starving themselves. Neither of those - in most cases - works long term.

However, if someone posts a questions asking what they should or shouldn't eat in order to lose weight, then I think it's ok to reply with suggestions as to what they should or shouldn't eat.
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