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Jennifer, how about making sure you pizza has a lot of veggies on it, not a meatlovers or anything similar? Give yourself a limit on how many pieces you will say 2! And supplement the meal with a salad or a veggie plate or something. It is more about portion control than anything. It is okay, and even GOOD to have a free meal during the week, but you still have to stay within reasonable limits. Oh and drink a really huge glass of water before you sit down to eat that pizza, that will really help you not overeat!

And very smart of you to chose the free meal as a lunch, rather than a supper!!

Shell, no beating yourself up over snacking last night! Consider that your indulgence for the week (as I consider my chicken wing fiasco!! LOL!) and get back at it today. Drink some extra water today to try and wash away those extra calories you ate! Have a couple of cups of green tea a day, if you can stomach is proven to assist in weight loss. I am sipping on my very first cup of green tea right now. Not lovin it, but I am gonna try and choke er down.

Diane, it sounds like you have things well in hand for your night of socializing tonight! That is great. I am like you and feel totally stupid working out in front of anyone else, unless they are doing it with me. I decided I am going to get on the treadmill today for 10 minutes. I can do 10 minutes, what is 10 minutes out of my day??? Right??? Tonight I might do another 10 minutes, but even if I don't, I can feel proud of myself for doing the first 10. I mean we have to start somewhere!!

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed....I have to be totally committed and consumed with a weightloss plan in order for it to work, which explains why I post so much of these forums, I hope you don't get sick to death of me!
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