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Hello to you too, Kathie! I might be getting together with some friends tonight. We used to get together every Saturday night, but as happens, we really haven't all been together in about a year. Traditionally us getting together means everyone stopping at some fast food joint on the way over to grab something to eat at who ever's house we're gathering at. My plan tonight is to eat before I go over, and then pack some grapes to munch on during the evening, and bringing my awesome aluminum, skull paisley water bottle with me so I'm drinking water instead of whatever soda they have available.

I don't really exercise like I should. I'm kind of self conscience about hopping around the living room with my boyfriend staring at me. Then again, I've offered to show him what I'm up to sometime so he can see how insane it is. I do have a couple hours of housework that needs to be done, and I always work up a good sweat cleaning, so that will be some excerise one day this weekend! And I have archery practice Sunday, and I think I've mentioned it before, but if not, its not much on the aerobic front, but its good strength training! And its supposed to be sunny and 62 tomorrow, which makes me just itch to get outside after all this cold rain!

My biggest struggle is the lack of schedule during the weekend. Even though I'm unemployed, I get up at seven with Grady and keep normal hours. That way I can't miss any calls from potential jobs, and when I get one I don't have to spend weeks getting back to a normal routine. So I eat at normal times during the week, but there's no telling on the weekends.

So yeah, I've rambled enough for one post. Everyone have successful weekends!
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