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Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the support! Hey, you can probably order that muffin mix and they will ship it to you. I would contact the company and inquire.

Weighed myself, and no loss this week (but no gain either). Didn't do any measurements, but will next Friday. I sort of blew it last night. Went out to a concert and I was snacking like crazy. CRAZY, RGH! Logged each and every detail this morning. Good to see the whole breakdown of my day, really a great reminder. But back on the wagon again today. Weekends are hard for me, and I need to get out of that free-for-all-mode that I tend to allow myself to slip into on weekends. Those days are over.

Today, I am going to cook up some salmon, Quinoa, veggies, drink lots of water - good clean food.

OOPS Sorry, didn't see Showmenow's offer to ship the mix! I may check that out myself if I can't find it locally...

Way to go Jennifer! No more socializing planned for me this weekend. I am also going to get my grocery list in order and think about meal planning for the week. AND getting on the treadmill today too!
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