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I know my body better that any book, so I made up my own diet. So far it is working well. Tommorrow will be exactly one month and I have lost exactly 12 pounds, about 3 pounds per week. I know three pounds per week is more than what is recommended but I lose weight easily, it was just a matter of getting off my butt. Anyway, I run everyday, at least a mile but today I did 2, and it felt good. I am really starting to get a little conditioned which is promising. I don't want to just be lighter I want to tone up and look and feel good! Along with the running I do sit-ups, push-ups, and flutter kicks.I don't count them, I just do as many as I can stand and then I push myslef to do 10 more. My eating habbits are improving. A month ago I didn't pay any attention to what I was putting in my body. My family consists of myself, two young children 3 years and 9 months and my husband. We are both full-time students. Our meal plans consisted of a drive through breakfast, a most often snack or skipped lunch, and a heavy carb loaded dinner. I have changed my diet to watch every calorie. I have consistently keep my calories under 1500 a day, and a large majority of those are lean meats and clean fats. I have also increased my intake of raw fruits and veggies. Since I have been consumming much junk food, a piece of fruit with its natural sugars does wonders for my body, and so does a serving of carbs. Once in the last month we took my 3 year old to see toystory at the theatre. I gave into popcorn, soda, and a little candy. That was a huge mistake, messed my stomach up. It was like a natural punishment, which i totally deserved. Anyway, if you have any thoughts feel free to share. Otherwise I will keep you posted!
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