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Originally Posted by pbright120 View Post
heytred - yes it is best to limit the amount of simple carbs in the diet. What you eat is more important than counting calories (especially at your weight).

Can you skip the simple carbs in your meals and just eat the protein and fat (as long as the fat is not vegetable oil derived)? You would be much better off if you could.

Robb Wolf had a blog post from a wife of a marine with some great advice re nutrition for those in the military. Hopefully you can get this

For the Troops…

If not let me know and i will try to condense and put it here.

Thanks for your service!!
Thanks for the link, it was a great article.

I didn't really even realize it today but because of me trying to skimp out on taking in more simple carbs, I finished the day eating only 68g worth of carbs. I substitued what I would normally had been eating for Trail Mix (best form of healthy fats I could get my hands on) and still met my calorie and macro goals for the day. My energy levels were a little bit higher than usual too. I'm just a little skeptical of going sooo low on my carbs, but as long as I'm feeling fine I don't see why not.

@ rpmcduff: Actually I had ordered a tape measure and fat caliper off just to get an accurate reading off bf%. Honestly, as simple as it is I hadn't even thought about using it to track my progress. It's amazing how much you can over analyze everything and let the easy stuff pass you by. Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely use that if I can ever get anyone to convoy my mail out here. =]]

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