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Hi there my friends!! How is everyone on this saturday!?? The weekend is upon us, and is often a challenge to stay on track. What are your plans to keep to the program?

For me, I have to stay away from restaurants and bars. No going out for me! As someone mentioned in an earlier thread, our socializing in today's society seems to revolve around food! If I do any socializing at all it will be with my sister and or 2nd daughter as they are both trying to eat healthy and lose some weight as well.

I stepped on the scale this morning - I know, I know, weighing once a week is better, but I just can't help myself - and I was down to 166.8! That is a .4 lb loss. I was pretty hyped by that! I think I am going to try making some healthy muffins from scratach today...I am going to add oats, bran, whole wheat flour, applesauce, raisins and anything else that seems like a good idea. I did read that you can add whey protein powder to your muffins for added protein...that is an interesting idea.

Looking forward to hearing your plans for the weekend!
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