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Originally Posted by The_Overlord View Post
What is you level of atheletism?
If you are not advanced or pro, you probibly don't need to supliment your protein intake. Even if you take extra protein, you have to work at an advanced level to build enough muscle to look bulky. Most people don't lift consistantly long enough to see much results. One thing women seem to forget is IF you start to look bulky, stop lifing weights. If you look bulky because you are eating/drinking extra protein, stop it, (it's probibly fat bulk and not muscle anyway).
Well I've only just started my weight loss and exercise plan, but I've always been quite strong and already have slight muscle definition in my shoulders. I'm concerned about my protein intake as my carb ratio per day is about 60%-70% and others have suggested protein shakes to help.
I do intensive cardio work-outs 5-7 times a week, a small amount of weight training daily and swimming 2-3 times a week.
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