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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
The only suggestion I have is to try to time your simple carb intake when your body needs to replenish its glycogen stores. First thing after sleeping, and after physical exertion or exercise. If your duty has you moving and active instead of doing desk duty then the simple carbs may not mean the end of your weight loss goals.

If you are active then your body is contantly using glycogen as fuel for your muscles. The, fast digesting, simple carbs are great at replenishing the glycogen. Fat storage occurs when glycogen stores are already full and the body then stores those carbs as fat. So as long as you are active and you can time your meals after activity or sleep (when you have been fasting) you should be fine.

Simple carbs are a real problem for those of us with sedentary occupations because we are not depleting are glycogen supplies at a fast enough rate to have all the simple carbs go toward replenishing the glycogen and so most goes to fat stores.

So as long as you are able to stay active and time your intake the simple carbs may not have that big an effect.
I wish I were as active as some of the Patrol Sets out here. I'd probably never have to count a calorie again if I were.

For the most part my job isn't too sedentary so hopefully it's not an issue. I think I'm still making progress (although like I said, I don't really have the means to accurately measure) and hopefully will continue to do so taking into consideration my less than ideal environment. Thank you for the informative reply.
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