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Talking 7/15 Check-in

I've been doing well with the workout and food choices, but I do sneak a "bad" snack every now and then as long as it doesn't take me over my daily calorie count and isn't too fatty.

I'm down to 137. Yeah! I expect to lose only 1 lb/week and so far so good. If I can figure out how to lose 2 lbs/week, I'd be soooooo happy. Any faster weight loss probably won't hold, so I'm good with this slow and steady pace. It allows me to still eat anything I want as long as I work out regulary.

I'd love to do some kind of challenge with the group. It will help to keep me accountable. Let's do it! Or maybe we can make up our own personal challenge and try to stick to cheating, or else we'll have to fess up to the group. LOL!

I can eat pretty much anything throughout the day, but I have some favorites: veggie wrap, grilled cheese sandwich, beans, fruit, oatmeal, popcorn, and salad. I vary what I eat depending on my mood. For instance, today, I had grilled cheese for breakfast. LOL! I had a veggie wrap for lunch and will probably eat 1 cup of shredded wheat (no milk) and some fruit for dinner. Switching up what I eat makes me want to keep doing this. If I ate exactly the same thing, I'd bore quickly and just fall back into my bad habits.

Great job, losers! I say that with love. LOL!
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