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LOL. I'm a fitday junkie! I'm also on everyday (sometimes 2x a day) in order to properly log my foods.

Today, I'm holding steady at 156.5 (5 days now...). So my weight loss this week was 2lbs. (I plugged my progress into a spreadsheet and did a logarithmic trend analysis on my stats, and it predicts that I'll break 155 by the end of this week.) It could also be a number of things though (e.g. incorporating weights 3x/week, TOM, too much sodium). However, I did manage to lose a total of 3.11" (in chest, waist, bicep, hips, thigh, and calf) and I gained .62" (in neck and forearm). Not much to sneeze at, but I know my body composition is slowly changing. Also, I fit in at least one pair of size 8 shorts. I think it's time to start taking progress pics.

@myrasalman - So, you lost one pound - congrats! I'm sure it was a hard pound. Keep it up, and measure yourself! You'll see progress there. I vary my dinners, so it's hard to say. A good idea is to go to Walmart and buy one of those sectioned plastic food containers (with three sections). These containers section out at about 60%, 20%, and 20%. Fill the biggest section with leafy greens (or other fibrous veggies), and put your proteins and carbs into the other sections. You can put about 4-5oz of protein into the 20% section. This helps with portion control, and helps you get a visual on how you should divide your food onto your normal plates.

@25Less - You would not believe the number of people who ended up with stress fractures after going through basic training! And about half of them you would consider as healthy and fit people. Since they were probably running on horrible shinsplints and sucking up the pain, they ended up doing a good amount of damage to their shins (they had to stay off them for about 3-6 months). Good news is, is that stress fractures do heal if you give them a chance. For the mean time, you could switch up your treadmill interval training with elliptical intervals (non weight bearing) or the bike (although that depends on the type of bike and how you pedal). I use the bike for my intervals and I also swim.

Okay ladies, interesting to note, we are not only trying to lose about the same amount of weight, we are also around the same starting weight! I wonder if we're about the same body fat % or height. (Which would be excellent at motivating each other!) I'm at about 25-27%bf, and I'm 5'4.5". We could keep this thread as weightloss buddy, or change the name. I'm indifferent as long as we keep it up.

Should we start adding mini-challenges to our thread? Say, aim for two pounds this week, or workout 5x this week?
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