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Default Scared of plateau, need advice

I am 23 year old female. When I started almost a month ago i was 203, I am now 191 and some ounces. Also, i am 5' 8. I am trying to lose weight for two reasons. 1. My sister's wedding October 23rd, and two i am trying to go back into the military December 17th, both this year. I am running every night, followed by sit-ups, inclined push ups and flutter kicks. Obviously what I'm doing is working I have dropped almost 13 pounds in less than a month. I have also cut crabs, upped protein and cut calories to about 1500. Sometimes I don't hit my 1500 though because I have started to not feel very hungry with the way the heat is outside, and I feel so full so quick. I really have not splurged since I started on my diet and it seems to be paying off. I am however concerned that I will soon hit a plateau and the weight loss will stop. I had read somewhere about :zig zag" calories to trick your body into not hoarding them and going into "starvation" mode. I am looking for more info on that or a variation of it. Someone also told me to eat 2 servings of crabs in the morning and that would help, any idea on that? My goal weight is 170 which is only 6 pounds heavier than I was when I left basic training four years ago. It was the best shape I have ever been in, I am pretty athletic and carry a lot of muscle under my extra pounds. I want to get lean again, Someone help me avoid the upcoming plateau I know I am getting close to hitting.
:Start - 203
Now- 191
Goal - 170

Chest- 38
waist- 35
Hips- 46
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