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I hear ya!!

I didnt have my thyroid removed but a heart medication I was on pretty much rendered mine useless and I am on medication.

But I am about in the same boat. I eat between 900 - 1200 calories, try to stay in a good percentage of carbs, fat and protein. I swim/aquasize several hours a week and do cardio exercises at least twice a week. I cant eat any less. I cant work out any more. And my weight bounces around like a toy boat in high waves. And I am frustrated. BUT, as my doctor and my friends keep pointing out <sigh> I HAVE lost weight.. 35 lbs in about 4 months. It's not falling fast enough for me considering how hard I feel I am working at it, but the other reminder is... this is a lifestyle change, not a fast weight loss fad diet. We didnt put it on fast, it isnt going to come off fast, and stay off. Sure, there are fads out there that might bring it down much quicker, but it will almost surely come right back and bring lots of its friends ( pounds) with the original amount.

So while I know it seems hopeless and useless... you have to hang onto the belief, that it will be worth it all if you just keep keeping on even when it doesnt seem to be helping. And as my doctor told me yesterday when I sat there whining in frustration... he said ( not unkindly ) well, you could quit and stay fat, but then you will return to all the heart problems you had plus more... (and zinal, if you havent yet had major health probs because of weight, stay where you are and I promise you will get them!)... and you will continue to shorten your lifespan and it will reach a point where you wont be able to reverse it.

That caught my attention and I decided it may not feel good, but I am a worthwhile project to work on, no matter how long it takes! And so are you!!

Starting weight.........298 lbs. (March 22, 2010)
Current weight..........231 lbs.
Pounds lost...............67
Goal weight..............160 lbs

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