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I have looked around for a "permanent" thread as well. We need to keep this one active, so that we can share our successes and provide motivation for one another. Since we're all looking to lose about the same amount of weight, we can create a new thread and name it "15-25 Club" or "Thursday Check-in" or something else.

I'm on FitDay pretty much every day. I need to stay motivated, so reading what others have to say is a big help!

I just finished my workout, but I cut it short. I did the 2 miles on the treadmill, but I didn't do my strength training tonight. I feel sick, so I need to save what little energy I have for my shower.

I hadn't thought about getting an x-ray. That's why this site is great! I've been dealing with this issue for about 2 years now, so I just may have stress fractures. Thanks for the advice!

Eww at the pervy guy at the gym. Disgusting!

My weight changes so much throughout the day it's frustrating, but it's always a "nice" number first thing in the morning! I weighed myself before my workout tonight and the saw that I'd maintained my "early morning" weight. Yeah! Let's see how it goes. I do expect that the scale won't move much at first, since I'm doing strength training 3x/week and some of my fat will convert to muscle, so I'll stay positive (for now). In theory, the added muscle will help to burn fat at a faster pace.

I'll check in tomorrow morning. I'm wiped out now! LOL! Best wishes!!!
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