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It's very common, actually. The trick is to look at things backwards; after you've over-eaten, once you're calm (the time when you're probably focused on beating yourself up...) make yourself stop with negative thoughts. Finish the sentance "I know I wasn't hungry when I ate______, so what was REALLY going on?". Take it a step further and say "next time I feel like _____, I think rather than eating, I could..." It sounds really hokey, but it works. When I did it, I found out that not only was I eating when I was bored (the most common reason, and also pretty straightforward to handle) but when I was worried, tired, or angry. As women, we're taught to focus on being thin but we're often not taught healthy ways to deal with stress, anger, etc...Think about it; if you're spending your time thinking about food, getting food, eating food, and beating yourself up over it, it's a huge amount of time that you can avoid thinking about other things going on in your life. Don't know if this make sense or not, but know that you're not alone. Lotsa folks here are dealing with the same types of issues.
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