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Hey Iceland

If you drink a really good vodka(I like Grey Goose) there is very little taste. And if you have it in a really cool martini glass with an olive and just sip it it's really quite fun retro! Remember tho, 1/2 vodka, 1/2 water shake on ice and pour. that way you get 2 drinks for about 120 cal and no carbs. Wine as you know, depending on the size of your glass (and mine are never petite) is at least 110 per glass plus the carbs.
However a dry white is your best bet for atkins friendly. I prefer a good Pinot Noir myself but like you, the bottle WILL be in the recycling in the morning!!
Ah well, Good luck and if you're ever in the phoenix area, I LOVE sushi!!! is offline   Reply With Quote