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OOh, I hate shin splints!!! Have you had an x-ray done? You could actually have stress fractures that won't heal unless you give them time. It's nice that you have a gym buddy though. I don't. But then again, it could be my fault. I'm the type that puts on my IPod in the women's locker room and doesn't take it off until I finish. I'll need at least a spotter sometime in the near future, so I'll have to suffer without my playlists. hahaha.

Okay, I have a story of the day (actually yesterday). So, I'm upstairs at my gym doing mat work, when this pervvy old dude decided he was going to start doing bicep curls in front of me. Not facing me, but facing the mirror. Any way, he puts down the weights and turns to watch me. Mind you, I'm on my back at this point with my legs up in the air and he's staring down my shorts!!! Uggh, seriously? I was in the middle of a abs superset and I wasn't about to stop the intensity of my workout just because of him. So, I shot him a dirty look and he walked away. He was staring for at least a minute!! It made my skin crawl. I hate feeling that way, especially in a gym.

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