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Default Come on, everybody.. (--"Lost")

We're all looking to lose about the same amount of weight, (i.e. 15-25), so how's everyone's weight loss going so far?? Come on, don't be shy! The more people post, the more motivation and encouragement we all get.

I'm actually looking for a permanent thread, you know? I was in the 30lb club, and then I considered going into the 10-20lb club, and then into the 5-15lb club (respective to the amount I lost and want to lose).

Personally, I had to revise my goals. I was concentrating on attaining specific sizes (and or weight), but now I'll be concentrating more on body fat loss. (Don't get me wrong, size and weight still have their place as general indicators.) Sooo, I'm focusing more on weightlifting and I think I might stall out at around 150lbs while my muscle mass increases (and body fat decreases).

My weightloss rate has already started to slow down (169 --> 161.5 wk1, and 161.5 --> 157 wk2, on Atkin's Induction). I'm expecting modest losses from here on out (1-3lbs/week). Needless to say, we all need motivation and encouragement.
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