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Originally Posted by Primal-Lioness View Post
Your quite welcome!!! Hopefully we can support each other on this journey!!!

In your previous post, you said you had to leave Atkins because of grain intolerences? Can you explain what that is?

I would love to support each other on this, especially since I tried talking to a couple of my friends about it and they are telling me it is unhealthy, even when I try to explain how it works and what it does for someone.

And I love Atkins more and more each day when I step on that scale. Down 10 pounds! And I haven't even been on it a week! I am only 2.5 pounds from a healthy BMI (according to FitDay, Atkins however, I am considered under 25 BMI at 153).

Height: 5'7"; 22yr old female
Highest Weight: 204lbs-----Lowest Weight: 152lbs
Current Weight: 158lbs

Halfway Goal: 157lbs by July 23rd----Goal Weight: 140lbs

Weight lost so far: -14lbs from 172lbs on current diet
Pounds to Lose Until Goal: 17

Started Atkins Induction July 9th, 2010
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