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The 2-mile interval training thing isn't too big a deal, since I'm only speedwalking and not running. I warm up on the treadmill for 2.5 minutes then start with 3.5 MPH "sprints" for 3 minutes. Then I go back down to 3 MPH for 3 minutes. My sprints go up to 4 MPH and I hold each of them for 3 minutes. I have a TV in my gym, so I don't get too bored while working out, and most days, my 10-year-old daughter is my training buddy. She either rides the recumbent bike next to me or sits on the floor and watches Disney channel or the Travel channel.

I have horrible shin splints and nothing has seemed to help, so I haven't been able to get back to my old running speed. I trained for (and ran) a 10K last spring, but the shin splints were an issue the entire training period and during the race. I bought great running shoes and some orthotics, and the running specialist that I saw gave me some tips on shin exercises and icing the muscles, but nothing helped. I finished the 10K sucessfully only by walking after my shins hurt, then when I was feeling comfortable again, I'd pick up the speed and continued that routine throughout the race.

This week, I plan to try to get my sprints up to 4.5 MPH and see how my shins feel. I might need to go back to the running specialist for help, because I miss the old days when I was able to run until I was out of breath. LOL!

My eating habits got a bit off-track in the past couple of days, but the scale is still being good to me. I had a couple of sweet treats on Saturday (but didn't go over my calorie count for the day) and on Sunday, I drank most of a 32 oz. Icee and ate some Panda Express. We were at an amusement park and stayed beyond dinner time, so we had to eat what we could find. I didn't go over my calorie count, but still felt like I was off the wagon. I'm not gonna be down on myself though. I'm just going to ensure that I don't have an off-the-wagon day for at least one week. I allow myself to have a treat periodically; it makes this lifestyle change thing much easier!

Best wishes this week!
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