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Default really have to bump up this thread!


Dang girl! 2 miles of Interval Training??? That's hard core. How long are your sprints, and... how many cycles do you do?

My weight has been fluctuating over the last week as well -- still below 160, but we'll see how it goes on Thursday. My modified Atkin's has been working well for me so far, but I might have to switch things up soon. I'm officially off the Induction period on the 14th (so far 12.5lbs & a size 8 in my board shorts), and I've decided that my celebration will be the Sashimi Delux and a glass of Pinot Grigio at my fav sushi bar.

Also, I'm adding a structured weights and interval training program (3x/week, 45-50mins long) and swimming on my off days.

Here's some good sites that I posted on the Exercise forum (thanks to the members that pointed them out to me):

1. (not a site, but a good program) Turbulence Training
3. (especially the before and after pics under the transformation section: Writer: Female Transformation Of The Week - How Much Have You Changed?)
5. Figure Athlete - Women's Figure Athletes

I hope everyone is keeping up the good work!

Until Thursday!
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