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Default yay for Wine!!

I was so glad to find this thread. I've been using FitDay now for 3 weeks and was saddened to see how many carbs and calories are in my beloved wine. I love to have a glass or two every evening and budgeted them into my daily intake. I however am one that loves to consume all manners of cheese with my wine so sabotage #1 right there. I have taken to vodka and water with a lemon instead. More water than vodka. it's about 1/2 the calories of wine and none of the carbs.
I too am doing the Atkins and Praise Jeebus, you can have cheese!!
I have the added stressor that I own 2 bar/restaurants and the salesmen are always trying to sell me the latest and the greatest. talk about your double edged sword. Oh well, it's a dirty job but someone has to taste it!! lol!!
Bottom line for me is I simply have to budget the calories and then limit the amount to one or two tops!!

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