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Default New Atkins Dieter - Would Like Advice From Those With Experience

I pretty much posted this exact thin elsewhere, but in a thread not specific to my question, so I hope I don't annoy anyone with the repost.

I have used low calorie and exercise in the past and went from 204lbs to 152lbs. However, after laziness and loss of motivation, and some more laziness...I'm back at dieting again. I lowered my carbs yesterday, but didn't plan to start until today (went to eat with the family, was visiting).

I am 167lbs as of this morning. I am a female, 22yrs old, and 5'7".
I am going to do the induction for 14 days as I read.
I am also planning to do cardio everyday, and weight lifting several days a week. I have lowered my carb intake to 20g or less as I read in Atkins.

I have several questions I was hoping to have answered by those more experienced.

1) What kind of results can be expected in this diet? I read some on it, but there seems to be mixed results.
2) With cutting carbs, I ended up cutting aloooot of calories. I had less then 1,000 today. I know that is unhealthy, and want to include more. What is a no carb food I could add to my diet to increase my calories another 200 or so?
3) I only plan on doing the induction, as I don't think low carb is best for me. I know it is a healthy diet with many benefits, but I feel more comfortable counting calories. Especially since, though I am not vegetarian, I don't eat alot of meat.
But I also know that if I leave Induction and go back to my carb eating ways that I will probably ruin everything. So my plan is to increase by 5grams every few days, or perhaps every week after the first 14 days. But to be honest, I don't even know what is a normal intake of carbs. Can anyone tell me what a normal but healthy intake of carbs a day is? And will building up gradually ease me out of the state I put my body in, as to not make me gain back all the weight I lost?


I have a question after reading a post elsewhere on the board. It was mentioned that cycling in and out of Atkins is healthy, and a good way to lose weight. I started Induction today, with the goal of sticking with it for the 14 days (unless the results are amazing, such as losing the ten pounds I want to lose...then I'll do it three weeks). Then I was going to gradually build back up to a normal level of carbs.

But after reading that post, I got to thinking. Would it work to do the Induction for a while, two to three weeks, then do a low calorie (sensible diet...whole wheats, fruit, veggies, fish) diet for a few weeks, then switch back?
I am not a huge fan of eating all this meat, and I do admit I love carbs (I am in love with whole wheat bagels and peanut butter).
It is my thinking that this plan would help me, if it is an idea that would work, as it would keep me from getting bored with my food choices and losing my motivation and focus.

I appreciate anyones feedback.

Thanks for your time!!

Height: 5'7"; 22yr old female
Highest Weight: 204lbs-----Lowest Weight: 152lbs
Current Weight: 158lbs

Halfway Goal: 157lbs by July 23rd----Goal Weight: 140lbs

Weight lost so far: -14lbs from 172lbs on current diet
Pounds to Lose Until Goal: 17

Started Atkins Induction July 9th, 2010
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