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Originally Posted by davej323 View Post
A lean, calorie-restricted diet will work as well, but I would think that your weight might go up a bit as your glycogen stores are replenished. If that happens, don't be discouraged. A low calorie diet is the exact opposite of a ketogenic diet (such as Atkins), so instead of high fat and protein with low carbs I assume you will now concentrate on getting plenty of fiber-rich carbs and plenty of lean protein. Surprisingly, some ketogenic diets actually recommend cycling in and out of ketosis. This requires too much discipline for me because I know that instead of getting complex carbs from whole wheat and vegetable sources, I would go right back to the simple carb pleasures of nachos, burritos, beer, etc. To each his own. Best of luck, and please respond back in a couple weeks to let us know how the low calorie plan worked out.
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I have a question after reading your post. You said cycling in and out is healthy, and a good way to lose weight? I started Induction today, with the goal of sticking with it for the 14 days (unless the results are amazing, such as losing the ten pounds I want to lose...then I'll do it three weeks). Then I was going to gradually build back up to a normal level of carbs.

But your post got me thinking. Would it work to do the Induction for a while, two to three weeks, then do a low calorie (sensible diet...whole wheats, fruit, veggies) diet for a few weeks, then switch back?
I am not a huge fan of eating all this meat, and I do admit I love carbs (I am in love with whole wheat bagels and peanut butter).
It is my thinking that this plan would help me, if it is an idea that would work, as it would keep me from getting bored with my food choices and losing my motivation and focus.

I appreciate anyones feedback.

Thank you,
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