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Default Just started today...Induction...advice?

I have used low calorie and exercise in the past and went from 204lbs to 152lbs. However, after laziness and loss of motivation, and some more laziness...I'm back at dieting again. I lowered my carbs yesterday, but didn't plan to start until today (went to eat with the family, was visiting).

I am 167lbs as of this morning. I am a female, 22yrs old, and 5'7".
I am going to do the induction for 14 days as I read.
I am also planning to do cardio everyday, and weight lifting several days a week. I have lowered my carb intake to 20g or less as I read in Atkins.

I have several questions I was hoping to have answered by those more experienced.

1) What kind of results can be expected in this diet? I read some on it, but there seems to be mixed results.
2) With cutting carbs, I ended up cutting aloooot of calories. I had less then 1,000 today. I know that is unhealthy, and want to include more. What is a no carb food I could add to my diet to increase my calories another 200 or so?
3) I only plan on doing the induction, as I don't think low carb is best for me. I know it is a healthy diet with many benefits, but I feel more comfortable counting calories. Especially since, though I am not vegetarian, I don't eat alot of meat.
But I also know that if I leave Induction and go back to my carb eating ways that I will probably ruin everything. So my plan is to increase by 5grams every few days, or perhaps every week after the first 14 days. But to be honest, I don't even know what is a normal intake of carbs. Can anyone tell me what a normal but healthy intake of carbs a day is? And will building up gradually ease me out of the state I put my body in, as to not make me gain back all the weight I lost?

Thanks for your time!!
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