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Oh I am paying cash. 139.99/mo. Totally outrageous! However, I have lost 3.5 lbs in the first week, so I am happy with that. I truly don't feel "full" so to speak. I do get hungry a lot, course, I am doing my darndest to stay under 1200 calories (like last night my total was just over 1000 cal, etc).

But then again I don't have the horrid side effects that some have while on it either, so that is allowing me to stick with it and just see where it takes me for now. I only have 4 perscriptions, so 4 months from now, I am hoping for the best.
Get your head right, and your body WILL follow! Anything is possible when you make enough little changes.

My goal is 100lbs in 1 year.

Starting Weight: 216.5 (7/1/10)
Current Weight: 205.5
Weight Loss Totals: 11

July 2010: 9 lbs lost

Goal 1: (below 200!!!) 199 by 9/1/10
Goal 2: (half way to overall goal weight): 167.25 by 12/18/10
Goal 3: (max "healthy" BMI!) 141.1 by 4/8/11
Final Goal: (woooo!) 118 by 7/1/11
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