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Originally Posted by kbmealey View Post
Yes I found it bit heavy going myself. I would assume symplistically the more intense / vigorous the work out then the greater the EPOC.
The other thing I am wondering about is intensity v duration. For part of my workout I am currently doing 6 x 1 min sprints (11km/hr) up a 4% incline on the treadmill. However, is this better than say 12 mins at 6.5km/hr.
Hi I'm a huge fan of intervals as well, I couple them with intense weight training.

And as far as intensity vs duration I'm pretty sure intensity is the only way to go. The reason being if you increase duration your intervals at the end will obviously be less intense then your first few, and your goal is to achieve the highest intensity, compared to your rest periods. 6 intervals is plenty, or 3 longer intervals. If you find your intervals are getting to easy mix up your interval pattern and up the intensity, but doing more won't really do much it will just turn your interval training into a lower intensity cardio type workout.

I prefer to use the stationary bike and keep my revolutions constant through intervals and rest, only increasing the resistance to amp the intensity. Doing this is a great way to avoid injuries.

I typically do a 5 min warmup followed by 10 mins of intervals and another 5 min cooldown.

the interval patterns go: 3-4-4-5-5 as a warmup each number is a minute and the number itself corresponds to intensity level


with a 3-3-3-3-3 cooldown

I alternate these interval workouts with my weight training, so that every other day is different, and you can always up the intensity when things get easier.

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