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Smile bringing this thread back again...

Hi Everyone,

What a great thread. I had to dig to find it though. I'm glad there are a few winos on this diet forum. hahaha. So, have you all been able to limit or forgo the alcohol since May? Since I'm on Atkin's Induction now, I've had to completely eradicate wine from my diet. It's sheer craziness. I used to have a glass with dinners (and not a and maybe a little more on the weekends (you do the math..), and now, there is none.

And I love wine! Bring on the reds, the whites, and the sparklings! Food pairing with dinners make an excellent compliment to both the dinner and the wine. Ahh... wine.... It's a toss up between adding red wine (4.1 carbs per 3.5 oz) or nuts to my diet when I move out of the Induction phase. However, Atkin's (and other low-carb diets) recommends adding clear alcohols over wine - boo.

Has anyone been able to successfully integrate a healthy (lol) amount of wine into their diets?
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