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Default July 7 Check-in

My weight has fluctuated from 137-139 for the past week, but it was 137 this morning. I eat good foods most days and work out 6 days/week with a rest day on Sunday.

My routine includes:

- 2 miles of interval training on the treadmill 6 days/week
- 20 minutes of strength training on weight machine (arms/legs/thighs) 3 days/week
- 100 crunches and other ad exercises 3 days/week
- several sets of bun and thigh lifts on the floor 3 days/week

This week, I'll add:

- riding my recumbent bike
- yoga

I've been eating small meals several times each day.

Breakfast is usually 1 cup of shredded wheat w/no milk and either a banana or a peach. I had 1 packet of oatmeal this morning to switch it up a little.

Snacks are usually a granola bar, 1 cup of shredded wheat, light popcorn, 1 cup of grapes (about 20), 1 cup of jello, 1 cup of cherries, or 1 cup of strawberries. I usually have 3-4 snacks each day. I have cheated a couple of times and had a small serving of ice cream w/nuts, but I ran 3 miles to make up for it. :-)

Lunch has been a grilled cheese sandwich, veggie/noodle stirfry w/spicy peanuts, or a veggie/cheese wrap that I refer to as a grass sandwich. LOL!

Dinner varies, but I try to not go over my calorie count for the day. Last night was a whole wheat wrap w/Bush's grillin' beans. My husband and children chowed on some leftover Independence Day food.

The recipe for my new-favorite lunch is:

- 1 medium whole wheat wrap (120 calories)
- 1 handful of spring mix greens (5 calories at best)
- 1 tablespoon of chunky salsa (20 calories)
- 1 slice of pepperjack cheese (80 calories) - this is my splurge

This is SOOOO yummy that I sometimes have two or I'll eat one for dinner!

Bottom line, my weight is 137-138'ish for now. It's that time of the month, so I have a little water weight that keeps moving the numbers of the scale.
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Starting weight: 153 (can't remember date, but sometime in early June. Down to 145 very shortly after.
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[B]I need to drink more water!
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