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Raising hand...

I got the chocolate fullbar. I came home (late afternoon) and was having a chocolate craving and thought, well its an hour before I cook dinner, so what the heck. Probably doesn't work. BULLLL CRRAPPPOOOLLLAAA... within 20 minutes my tummy was OVER full. I couldn't believe such a thick little bar could fill me to beyond full! Even my husband was like, wow, what is wrong with you? I told him I was STUFFED, and actually felt a little bad! He told me to never eat a whole one again lol. So now, when I am going to eat or whatever, I have a HALF of a bar, and that works just perfectly.

So, to answer your questions, yes, it does work. Too good in fact. I too was skeptical, but I am a believer. Also, if I don't want to eat, I will eat 3/4 of one and it feels like I have had a full out meal. Not good to do all the time, with missing all the nutrients of veggies, etc at a normal meal, but instead of skipping a meal, or eating junk late at night, my full bar box is my best friend.

Good luck and I hope it works as well for you all!
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