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Hello all,

Way to go Diane, it is a GREAT feeling!! Yay!

Jennifer, I think with all your lifestyle changes, including the change of job, and the fact you are tracking your food, will all work towards helping you lose weight, for sure!!! Eating healthy is one thing, but I think we have to watch the combination of Carb/Protein/Fat. I am aiming for 40%-30%-30% each day, and watching the calories too. My fat tends to be high. Choose foods that that will boost what needs to be boosted (ie always protein for me), and lower what needs to be lowered (carbs and especially fat for me). I think we need fat, but I find it skyrockets really quickly for me. That is what I love about this system, it really keeps me accountable. And keeping an eye on the nutrition too. If we don't give our body all the nutrition it needs, it won't work properly to burn the excess fat. That is my spin on it, and what I am striving for!

Someone (daveh?) said in another thread regarding 'Success Stories' that you almost have to become obsessed with tracking food. I am there, being very diligent with this, and looking at the graphs to see where I am at helps so much. I am looking at the breakdown of foods, and making the adjustments I need to strike a better balance of Carbs/Protein/Fat.

I am having a hard time kicking my exercise up a notch. I am walking, but not jogging or really doing any serious cardio workouts. In the past, I have done step aerobics, which left me feeling like I was going to keel over. But I did lost weight when I did this. I don't feel like I am a lazy person, but I really don't like working out!! Yet I feel this is necessary for weight loss and good health...or is it? Maybe brisk walking is enough...? Maybe once I drop some pounds initially, working out harder will be more enjoyable when I am a little lighter? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hang in there everyone, and have a super day!
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