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I would also like to join your group. As of today, I have approximately 25lbs to lose. Ideally, I want to be back down to a size 4. But, healthy, strong and lean one. I'm on an adapted Atkin's program (adapted because I cheat). I'm also new to fitday -- I started last week after I saw some pics of myself at a family BBQ. (I'm thinking about burning all the evidence.) I'm looking forward to those Thursday weigh-ins! (Perfect day too, since it's not right after weekends.)

SW: 06/29/10 169 (size 10/12)
lean mass: 122, fat mass: 47, bf%: 27.8

CW: 07/07/10 161 (size unknown)
lean mass: 119, fat mass: 42, bf%: 26.1

GW: 09/15/10 136 or size 4
lean mass: 110, fat mass: 26, bf%: 19.1


Originally Posted by ruthielauren View Post
I'm also new to fitday. I'd love to have a weight loss buddy to keep me accountable and motivated!

I want to lose 25 pounds by the end of the summer. I'm trying the Atkins diet and I have already lost 8 pounds in the last four weeks. 17 pounds to go!
Nice work! I'm also on Atkins. Just finished week 1 of Induction, but I am a huge cheater (overshot my carb intakes, and i've had SF jello with whipped cream twice now). I still lost 8lbs last week though. Hahha. Have you checked out the Atkin's community boards? There's a huge catfight thread over desserts on Induction. LOL. What phase are you on?
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