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Default Welcome to Day 4 :)

So... Day 4, workout 4

Today is a non-weight-training day. Cardio work for today is step aerobics to one of Christi Taylor's DVDs for 45 to 60 minutes. (Going for higher intensity workout on the off-weight days.)

I'm the only person I know who still does step. Oh well - I can't go cross-country skiing with no snow - and I'm a little bored with the treadmill (at least until I'm fit enough to run intervals again.)

Skiing is my winter workout of choice. It burns the most calories and I can go for longer periods of time. Plus, it's never boring! I hope we get more snow again before the end of January. (Rain in the forecast this weekend... hmpf.)

(87 days and 61 workouts to go)
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