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Hey Kathie, (and, yes, its Diane ) thank you for the salutations! I wish I had a trick for the water, I just drink it. I'm one of those freaks that doesn't mind water. I spend my mornings drinking black coffee-its my vice- and then switch over to water. I have these awesome 16-20 ounce cups from college and I just fill one up, drink it, and start over. I know some of my friends that have problems drinking water will put lemon or lime in her water. There's actually a product called True Lemon/Lime that sells it in little packets by the box that she will use. I have some friends that will only drink really really cold water. It seems like everyone has their own style when it comes to water!

As far as suggestions on fat intake, I'm surprised at how low I manage to keep it without really any effort. I'm living on mainly fruits and veggies, I suppose, but I have yogurt with breakfast, a sandwich, either turkey or ham, at lunch, and always a protein at dinner. So yeah, I guess what's working for me, that may or may not work for others, is I fill up mainly fresh, raw, fruit and foliage and it leaves me less room for other things. I also eat as lean as possible with my meats, trim off all the visible fat, buy the super lean hamburger, stuff like that. You have to watch the sodium, but pork is naturally low fat.
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