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Originally Posted by efduncan View Post
My Mom and Dad always had about 1/4 ac. garden when they were younger and my my mom is my source for canning. She is a GREAT cook. (Had to be to keep a son my size full) I'll check with her, would almost bet she would have one on the Ball canning books.
Think I have enough peppers for 2-3 pints this afternoon.
My grandmother is a GREAT cook too, and she cans everything from memory. I could probably do that too, but I like the double check with the canning book, just to make sure my process is solid. You know it's one of those things you only do for part of the year, and it's just nice to have that book to back up what my brain is already 90% sure of. Besides if I wanted to poison someone I would use something that didn't require quite so much effort as a batch of canned goods. I do call mom and grans if I have a specific questions about one of their recipes. BTW peppers (all kinds) freeze pretty well. Okay they freeze well if you're going to cook them later, they are much softer after they've been frozen, but I like to use them for pizza, sweet & sour chicken, fajitas, etc etc. And usually I bag up enough to use all winter. It saves a lot of money. I also like to throw hot peppers into my food dehydrator and once they're dry put them through the blender to make my own "red pepper flakes". DH loves them.

Originally Posted by efduncan View Post
almeeker, just read your stats, your amazing! Your are kicking big time weight loss butt!
Proud of you and I know your feeling great about it!
Thanks. Although admittedly this past holiday weekend was something of a disaster calorie-wise, on the flip side I had a ton of fun and if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. You just gotta have beer at an Eric Clapton concert, it's a law or something.

Originally Posted by KristynBond View Post
My husband and I just moved into a new house a week and a half ago, and one of the first things I did was start a garden. I'd never gardened before, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Of course, it's very late in the planting year, so I bought already growing plants and planted them in the garden. Next year I'm going to start in the spring and plant tons of seeds. For this year I have two blueberry bushes, two raspberry bushes (they're not going to make it), and 1 blackberry bush (that one's not going to make it either). I also have 9 tomato plants, 5 jalapeno plants, two zucchini squash plants, a red pepper plant, green pepper plant, two cucumber plants (again...not going to make it), cantaloupe, watermelon (this one's pretty iffy), oregano, basil, rosemary, and thyme.
I'm really enjoying gardening so far...although it's only been a little over a week. I'm excited for things to start to grow, even though I know I won't get much this year because it's so hot already. Of course since I planted everything it's been about 95 degrees here a day, with no rain, and it's going to be about 100 degrees all week this week.
Any gardening tips/suggestions for a newbie gardener would be greatly appreciated.
Don't be so quick to write off the raspberries, they are bi-annual canes. Basically the first year you get a plain cane and the second year they fruit and shoot. Which means they have no berries the first year and transplants look very much like dying sticks, but the second year they produce berries and send off roots that make new bare canes. Sometimes a cane will fruit for 2 years, but not always. Sometimes if a cane is very stressed as it is in a transplant situation it will send off roots the first year. So very possibly you will have new canes and fruiting canes next year, or if the weather is terrible, just some new canes. It takes a while to get an established raspberry bush.

Most varieties of blueberries need acidic soil, so if you don't have such then get some plant food for acid loving plants, Miracle Grow makes it. You can also dig out some of the dirt around the blueberries and fill it in with peat moss and used coffee grounds. Frequently blueberries are planted in old bog areas, well at least around here all the best ones are. Blackberries usually need some cow poo, but not fresh poo - aged, or a weekly dribble of compost tea.

Your cucumbers probably have what my mother and I call "the scourge". It's got a longer name, several actually, but it's vicious no matter what you call it. It's actually caused by diseased bugs, spotted cucumber beetles, stripped cucumber beetles and squash bugs. We use organic DE (diametatious earth, not sure on the spelling of it, ask for it with the acronym), you can also use stuff called "Sevin", which is DE with pesticide in it. Cucumbers are prone to bacterial and fungal infections, the best way to treat them is to buy plants and seeds that are disease resistant. Sounds like you don't have that kind of cucumber though (neither do we). Anyhow, you have to keep the plants dusted 24-7, just about from the first moment they show their pretty leaves to the sun; immediately following any rain you gotta go back out with the dust. Remember to wear your mask, or at the very least stand up wind of the dust. Same treatment for the watermelon although they are usually much more disease resistant (although not always). You also might want to invest in some water-on fertilizer or some compost. Usually if you've recently dug up a corner of the yard which has been grass for the last 80 years, the soil has a ton of nitrogen, but little else. Guaranteed if your garden is a complete disaster this year, you heap your compost (leaves, yard waste, veggy peels, table scraps, egg shells etc) on it all winter and till it up next Spring with all that good compost and you'll be amazed at how great everything will grow next year. Sorry to go on and on, but when it comes to gardening I've made almost every mistake, had every failure and success possible, but yet I love it love it love it, year after year.
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