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dbrinkley (Diane, I think?) Way to GO!! That is so excellent! There is nothing better than seeing some success. go from a 32W to a 12!! Wow, fantastic!! You are a true inspiration!

Jennifer, do you eat veggies and fresh fruit? There was none on your list, but maybe you have a pile of them in your wraps? Generally your fat intake should be between 35 - 50 grams, and mostly be the healthy fats. If I figure out HOW to do that myself I will let you know!! LOL!!

My calorie intake was too low today...which is so bad!! I need to take a day and do some serious meal planning. I have slid on the water intake as well, that is a hard one for me. I don't mind some crystal light sometimes but aspertame is supposed to be really unhealthy.

Do any of you have tricks you use to get those 6 - 8 glasses of water down??
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