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hi archyjill...

...of course there's that old problem of actually figuring out what i weigh. i run in tucson arizona, and during the summer i can drop 10lbs with one long run. fortunately in the winter it's not so bad. it'll take me two or three weeks of weighing myself at different times to come up with an average number... and after that i hope to see if the calorie deficit calculation really does measure my weight change.

the thing i do love about fitday is the nutritional breakdown. i can see that i'm a little lacking on vitamin e, so it's time to find some fish.

pattyruns: i agree with you about mixing it up. the only reason i've been running for so long has been that i find ways to keep it fun. i run with two or three groups around town, race and trash-talk with lots of friends, and recently discovered the joys of 24 hour team relay races.

the most important thing about any given day's run is to have fun so that you want to run tomorrow.
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