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I just got a job so I will be on my feet 20 something hours a week (compared to sitting on my butt before..) so I think that will help me even more.

I don't know if what I am doing is going to actually help me or if it's a false "I'm eating healthy and gonna lose weight" mindset. Can you all tell me what you think?

Let me start by saying what inspired us to lose weight was Alton Brown! He has apparently dropped like 50 lbs and dedicated one of his episodes to how he did what he did! We are trying to implimant those principles as best as possible. Here's what I try to do...

Yogurt 2x daily (good fir digestion.... or so "they" say.) I usually mix my yogurt with a fruit cup (mixed fruit) and a hand full of cheerios (for the whole grain).

I ALWAYS eat Breakfast... which usually includes eggs, deli ham (heated up in a pan) or bacon, and that'll be when I have my first yogurt.

I'll eat 2 ounces of mixed nuts a day (spead out)

a small lunch (usually ham and cheese in a multi-grain wrap.)

(By this point I am at 700(ish) calories)

And then I have a dinner that is usually a little more harty. Tonight I had one normal size wrap and one mini wrap (both Multi-Grain) that had rice, beans, cheese, and steak in it.

In a little while I'm gonna go over to the fitness center (every other day I do 40 minutes of Cardio) and when I come home I will have the second yogurt, and maybe the second thing of nuts... so that I can replentish my body a little... I read somewhere that u should eat something after you work out....

Oh! And I'm drinking only water

I just checked and my final count was this-






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