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Ya thanks! It’s good to see all of my hard work is paying off.
The tech suggested 10% bf for my next goal and to re-test in 6 months.
I’m 43 and 5’-9” and have been consistently stuck at 160lbs for a few months now
My girlfriend keeps telling me that I don’t need to lose any more weight, but I keep telling her I just want to get a little more leaner.

I really dunno what the variable would be, but I took my measurements prior to getting dunked and also used the weight the tech used when I plugged in those numbers into the online calc. I was a little shocked at how much it varied.

I’ll scan and post the exercise vs. calories burned info later today.

Thanks again for the congrats and ya, the news definitely made my day!
Tomorrow is the 5k run- woohoo!

Originally Posted by blackrhino2 View Post
Great job SW! What is your target body fat percentage? It seems like might be there?! I don't know your height or anything about what amount of fat you're working towards.

I wonder which variable makes the site over estimate your body fat %. I'm gonna go to the site now and check out my stats.

Also, if you get the chance could you write out what exercises they recommended to burn the most calories?

Thank you for sharing and congrats again on your awesome stats!

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