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This is an interesting thread. Protein versus carbs is a big debate. But here is what I have discovered. The high protein low carb people say carbs are bad. But if you really drill them, you will discover that they promote lots of fruits and vegetables with a lot of carbs. So, what they are really saying is processed carbs are bad. The high carb people say the exact same thing. So lets emphasize that point:

Processed carbs are bad, and they are bad because they have a lot of calories and very little nutrition. Does anyone disagree with this?

Now, the high protein crowd will run studies with people on high carb diets versus high protein diets. But if you read the studies and not just the abstracts, they use things like potato chips, white bread, pasta, and other processed carbs to skew the studies to show the benefits of high protein. Anyone trying to sell you a fad diet is going to show you studies that are skewed to their way of thinking. Loren Cordain is trying to sell everyone a diet and his studies and references are sponsored by industries that are favored by his diet. He developed the diet, then developed data to support his theory.

Fad diets show studies that support their theory. Does anyone disagree with this?

Dr. Colin Campbell is a scientist in the strictest sense. He was actually hired to prove that protein deficiency was causing cancer in children. He performed a very scientific study with no pre-conceived bias and eventually his study became the most thorough study in nutrition ever conducted. His data taking has been peer reviewed and found to have exceptional accuracy. He has around 750 references in his study. He promotes a lifestyle based on health and performance and not one that focuses entirely on looks. How many athletes do you know who eat a high protein diet? The best endurance athletes in the world eat 75%+ carbs in their diets.

The higher the whole food carbs, the better the physical performance. Does anyone disagree with this?

Any diet can make you look good if you stick to it long enough. But the lifestyle that makes you feel good, promotes health, and is easily adopted for the rest of your life if the only one you should consider. The rest are all fads. Dr. Campbell doesn't promote any fads.

If you want to look good, then get liposuction and eat what you want. If you want to look good, feel good, and be healthy, adopt a healthy lifestyle.
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