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Question Calorie intake too low, help!

After keeping a food journal for a week and taking it to a dietitian I've been told that for my weight I'm not consuming enough calories?!

I don't feel hungry. I'm eating 3 balanced meals plus 2/3 light snacks during the day but my calories are barely making 1000, let alone the 1250-1500 she wants me to take in.

My food includes fruit, salad, Mediterranean vegetables, lean chicken, potatoes, yogurt, muesli, tuna, wholemeal bread, egg, cottage cheese and soups. I also give myself a daily treat, like a packet of light crisps, a weight watchers cake bar, or pot of low sugar jelly.

I don't eat much red meat or fish. So where can I add good calories during the day?

I'll add that I do a 30 minute daily cardo work out, and swim at least 10 lengths each day too.

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