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If the cereal is not something like oatmeal or a whole grain I would not include it in my food plan. Most breakfast cereals that come out of a box are mostly simple carbohydrates. Once your glycogen (the source of energy used by muscles) stores are full those fast digesting, simple carbs will be stored as fat. So if you have just worked out and your glycogen stores are low simple carbs are the fastest way to restore them. If, on the other hand, your glycogen stores are full and you consume simple carbs they will be stored as fat. Complex carbs act the same way but because they digest at a much slower rate your body has a chance to burn some of your glycogen stores before the entirety of what you have eaten tries to refill your stores.

Unless your are working out before dinner I would suggest you not eat a bowl of cereal for dinner. Instead of cereal have the salad with a protein source (tuna, chicken, pork, beef, turkey or eggs). Protein is very important when dieting as it helps you minimize the muscle loss that happens with dieting. If you diet without exercise 50% of your weight loss will come from muscle. I try to get a minimum of 30% of my calories from protein.

Since I don't know what your base metabolism is for calories I will not tell you that 1000 is too low (for me it is way low). I will caution you that having too big a calorie deficit can work against your weight loss efforts. If your body goes into starvation mode it will slow down your metabolism and you will have a very difficult time losing weight. How much of a deficit is too much? Most people can handle a 500 to 800 calorie deficit per day. Some can handle 1000, a few can handle 1500 without triggering the bodies starvation mode.

I would also suggest you begin an exercise regimen. Cardio along with weight training is best. If you lift, lift heavy (5-6 reps to failure). If you are badly out of shape start slowly, even if that just means walking. Do more than you currently do and strive to improve. Exercising burns calories allowing you to eat more and still retain the calorie defict you desire.

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