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Yes I had cravings and yes it was a little tough since it was my 1st day...I also drizzled malt vinegar over my fish...I would say i crash per say but I did get a little tempted bcus i so used to eating junk food

Originally Posted by davej323 View Post
There are a lot of variables there, but I plugged those items into a food log with generic choices and came up with about 1,000 calories. Personally, I would be starving with so little food. It seems like there was a pretty even balance between fat-protein-carbs, so if you were going for an even split of macronutrients, great job! Just out of curiousity, did you suffer any kind of crash between lunch and dinner or any time after dinner? It seems like most of your carbs came in those two meals so I am curious if that had any effect on you.
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This will be my lightest weight since high school!
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