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I like to eat fresh veggies. They are filling too. Fish (broiled or baked) w/o breading is great. Lean meats are also good choices. When I purchase beef it is always the leanest cut that I can find. It may be more expensive but for me it's worth it. Yogurt is a great food if you like it too! I find the greek yogurt to be more filling and it has double the protien. A very small baked potatoe is nutritional as well as squash. They have carbs but your body breaks them down better than corn on the cob as an example. A good rule of thumb that works for me is to stay away from white sugar, the body doesn't process it as well. Whole grain breads, veggie and whole wheat wraps are much better for us and lower in carbs.
Sorry for the lenghty reply. I hope this helps you!
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