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Red face Hi There, Newbie from Connecticut

Hi All,
This is actually my fourth time starting FitDay but I've never used this forum feature before. I say "starting" b/c the three other attempts were never really followed through on beyond one month.

This time is different because I FEEL committed and I've actually eliminated many distractions that previously zapped my time and energy.

I'm looking to lose thirty pounds by Oct 30th of this year but really, I just want my size 10 clothes to look good on me. I'd like to also increase my strength and stamina. Right now I'm pushing a size 12. I'm 37 years old, 5'8" tall and right now I weigh 170 pounds which is the same weight just before I gave birth to my daughter. I honestly do not know where I pack all of these pounds because I don't look that bad. My stomach is a mess though. I waitressed for years so I always had muscle tone until about five years ago. My mom passed away and I kind of went into a depression. I've really done a number on my health as a result and I just want to regain my presence in this world.

So my plan is 1600 calories per day with 35% protein and daily exercise and multivitamins. No volunteering, no overtime at work. Keeping life simple so that I can make my health a priority once and for all.

Thanks for listening/reading.
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