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WW is essentially a calorie restriction plan encoded with their point system. IMHO, you can get the same information from a variety of sources without having to pay for their program. As others have mentioned, however, there is a motivational factor to the meetings, and that is worth the money for some people. I tried WW a couple of years ago and it did work for some degree for me. I didn't like the point system at all, so I did the core plan (which, as I understand, they did away with). I actually found myself leaning more towards carb restriction on that core plan, and lost 16 pounds in the couple of months that I was participating. I actually didn't like the meetings though. I was the only man in there, surrounded by women complaining about emotional eating problems that I just couldn't relate to. Nowadays, I am following the Atkins diet and doing much better with it. My fiancee' swears that Atkins is a "guy" diet and WW is a "girl" diet, and this would seem true as we can both measure our successes much better according to her theory.

stats, inspired by Ron

Male, 6'0" tall, 37 y/o

Starting weight, 4/19/10 (started Atkins) = 287
6/16/10 (finished Atkins book & joined Fitday) = 261
latest weight 6/28/10 = 255
mini goal (wedding) 9/4/10 = 220
ultimate goal for lifetime maintenance by 4/19/11 (one year mark, 100 pounds loss) = 187
This will be my lightest weight since high school!
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