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Originally Posted by yauncin View Post
I haven't found anything yet which dissolves like ON.
I want to join you in giving props to ON. I just discovered this powder today and am using it as a means to keep my ratio 65-30-5 (fat-protein-carb) on a ketogenic diet. That ON 100% Whey Protein powder dissolves in cold water really well! I just stirred it with a spoon, no blender needed. I got the Vanilla ice cream flavor, and it tastes great to me. An added bonus for my situation is that it is so low in carbs and fat, so it makes a great tool to bump my protein level up on days that I dip below 30%.

stats, inspired by Ron

Male, 6'0" tall, 37 y/o

Starting weight, 4/19/10 (started Atkins) = 287
6/16/10 (finished Atkins book & joined Fitday) = 261
latest weight 6/28/10 = 255
mini goal (wedding) 9/4/10 = 220
ultimate goal for lifetime maintenance by 4/19/11 (one year mark, 100 pounds loss) = 187
This will be my lightest weight since high school!
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