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OH! Here you guys are!! LOL!!! I have been offline for a couple days as the internet went down in our area, but we are back up and running again. I felt really lost not being able to log into fitday and track my food!!

I had one really HUGE slip up the other night, I ate chicken wings which were deep fried in batter and slathered with Honey BBQ sauce. I hate to say it, but they were really yummy. This happened a day after I only logged in 900 calories! So lesson learned, don't UNDEREAT!! I was so hungry the next day that I really didn't care about the diet or healthy eating, I had freed the MONSTER!! Thankfully it was a one meal slip up and I caged the MONSTER again. Funny how that MONSTER can take over your entire being, and can make you throw out all of your good intentions and plans!

One weird, and kind of gross side effect of eating those wings, the next morning things "moved" in a volume I didn't think was humanly possible! LOL! I know, TMI, but was simply amazing! I wonder if my actual fat intake is too low, and I needed that fat injection?

I still struggle with breakfasts and exercise. I am looking for some healthy muffin ideas for breakfast. If I could make my own and freeze them, I could pop one in the microwave in the morning...I think I could handle one small muffin in the mornings.

As for the exercise, I seriously need to get ON that! I just can't seem to find the motivation. No doubt it is partly from living in the north and suffering from a little SADD, it is pretty normal to go into hibernation mode when it is dark far more hours than it is light.

I hope everyone forgives themselves for their little slip ups, and gets right back on track! Don't think of it as "cheating", think of it as an "indulgence", we all deserve to indulge ourselves OCCASIONALLY! Just don't indulge everyday.

Have a great day!!
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