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Originally Posted by Lizzycritter View Post
It may not have been you, but Almeeker's not (totally ) crazy. Someone somewhere on this forum did reccommend smoking pot before hitting the elliptical to boost endurance. I'd think the post-workout munchies would derail all that progress but I'm not a pot smoker either, so what would I know? LOL
I wasn't referring to you lizzy, it was another poster. I'm an asthmatic, so smoking pot is out for me, truly it was out of the question before the asthma diagnosis as well. I'm more of a "thy body is a temple" sort, well at least that's what my room mate with the tattoos and multiple body piercings called me. I'm not into self mutilation and pot falls into that spectrum, regardless of any defense some might have for the use of pot, I've watched it turn beautiful, intelligent, talented people into ravaged homeless bums. Life is too precious for that.
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